3 Short Films about Veterans

Each film uniquely depicted a different war: World War II, Vietnam, and Afghanistan/Iraq.The three filmmakers and producers were all present for the event, and we were able to have a substantial Q & A after all the films were screened. With the discussion shared between filmmakers and  audience, more awareness was raised regarding what our veterans carry home from serving and from war.  

Figs for Italo - a film by Bob Celli

Generation of War - a film by Louise Salter

I Did Not Forget You - a film by John Farmanesh-Bocca


Moderator Paul Cullum in foreground

Moderator Paul Cullum in foreground

Brenda Strong producer of
"I Did Not Forget You" with Laura Deleno Producer of "Figs for Italo",
Bob Cellli and Louise Salter

John Farmanesh-Bocca in foreground

John Farmanesh-Bocca, Brenda Strong, Laura Delano, Bob Celli, Louise Salter,
and Mil-Tree founder, Cheryl Montelle

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