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Publication: The Desert Trail

Headline: Writing toward healing: Workshops provide space for sharing

Date: 4/24/19

By: Turiya Autry


Publication: The Desert Trail

Headline: Using the arts to build community

Date: 1/9/19

By: Turiya Autry

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Interview with Sharon Weil

Sharon Weil has long been engaged in the conversation about courage and change as an author, activist, award-winning filmmaker, and somatic educator. She is the author of Donny and Ursula Save the World, a political, romantic mishap-adventure; ChangeAbility: How Artists, Activists, and Awakeners Navigate Change; and the host of the acclaimed podcast Passing 4 Normal.

Mil-Tree interview - Cheryl Montelle
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Radio interview

My Awesome Empire with Cheryl Montelle about Mil-tree and current public arts project SANCTUARY on KCAA 1050 AM

Publication: HI-Desert Star

Headline: New earthbag construct taking shape at the lake

Date: 3/23/17

By: Leslie Shaw

Publication: HI-Desert Star

Headline: Sanctuary gathering Space coming to Joshua Tree

Date: 1/21/17

By: Leah Sanson

Publication: HI-Desert Star

Headline: War expereiences expressed through art

Date: 11/12/16

By: Jessica Gibbs

Publication: Cactus Thorns (online)

Headline: Joshua Tree: Blak Box Theater seminar, a day to remember!

Date: 9/5/16

Publication: Hi-Desert Star

Headline: Silk-screen classes focus on veteran

Date: 5/5/16

By: Leslie Shaw

Publication: Hi-Desert Star

Headline: Making Masks

Date: 3/24/16

By: Stacy Moore

Publication: ReadBack

Headline: Welcome Mil-Tree

Date: 3/16

By: Staff

Publication: Hi-Desert Star

Headline: Military and vets make art from plant to paper

Date: 1/30/16

By: Daniel Strasberger

Publication: Hi-Desert Star

Headline: Veterans' stories pair with images at 'Art of War' 

Date: 6/11/15

By: Hilary Stone

Publication: Hi-Desert Star

Headline: THE CLIMB: Marines scale rocks at national park


By: Pfc. Medina Ayala-Lo

Publication: The Breeze

Headline: 'Generation of War' taps deeply into Vietnam vet's past psyche

Date: 2/24/14

By: Bree Peterson

Publication and Online: Hi-Desert Star

Headline: Mil-Tree looks for new ways to honor veterans' experience

Date: 10/29/13

By: Courtney Vaughn

Online: When Johnny and Jane Come Marching Home

Headline: The Art of Healing Through the Arts

Date: 10/26/13

By: Paula J. Caplan

Publication: Basin Wide Spirit

Headline: Mil-Tree Community, military Coming Together

Date: Summer 2013

By: Hilary Sloan

Online: KCET

Headline: Miltree: Healing Military Veterans Through the Arts

Date: 9/17/12

By: Ruth Nolan

Publication and Online: Hi-Desert Star

Headline: Gatherings focus on healing from war

Date: 9/15/12

By: Courtney Vaughn

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