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Speak the Speech

For thousands of years dramatic storytelling fostered language, resolved conflict, preserved culture, instilled moral values and healed community trauma.

“Speak the Speech” was a one day workshop lead by stage and screen actor, Christian Camargo. The workshop introduced participants to the power and challenge of dramatic writing and performing. Within a few hours Christian gave the class a peek into the craft of drama, using their own bodies and experiences as templates, and gave participants a brief glimpse of basic structure and introductory performance tools of this age old craft. There is nothing greater than to challenge, open and explore oneself, the environment and community in the safe space of the stage, using story and drama as metaphor and guide. There was no goal here other than discovering “play” and the creative force, expression and health within oneself.

“In a short period of time, 18 people became a connected entity of one. Everyone seemed to merge into a single compassionate human being. Experiencing the workshop was a profound experience.” — Ben Holstrom or Branson Hunter from the blog, “Cactus Thorns”

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