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Mil-Tree is an inclusive veteran-led nonprofit based in Joshua Tree, California and has been supporting veterans since 2013. We recognize the loss incurred by veterans when they leave close-knit military units without a clear path into their communities, which often leads to anxiety, stress, and isolation. 

For veterans, meaningful connections to community can transform service-related distress while easing the transition into civilian life. Mil-Tree provides a welcoming space to do this. Our programming allows veterans, servicemembers and the community to participate in creative and impactful programs, events and retreats with the goal of ending veteran isolation.

Mil-Tree continues to grow and expand its in-person outreach and programming to serve the local veterans of Riverside and San Bernardino Counties and welcomes veterans from across the US into our community through remote participation.

We believe that connection to community transforms service-related distress and isolation while easing transition to civilian life.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Create community

between veterans, service-members and civilians through shared experiences, projects and creative expression

Creating Community Through Creative Expression

Our Vision

End veteran isolation

by building stronger,

more inclusive communities

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