Mil-Tree’s mission is to bring veterans, active duty and civilians
together through arts and dialogue to help transform the wounds of war.

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Our Vision is to provide safe space for veterans returning to civilian life so that they may gather, express themselves and tell their stories in a non-judgmental environment.  We do this through ongoing creative programs that engage veterans and their families, active military and the greater community.

Mil-Tree is a grassroots nonprofit organization based in the High Desert community of Joshua Tree, California serving San Bernardino and Riverside Counties. The organization is inclusive and offers creative outlets in the arts and held spaces for dialogue and discussion for veterans, active military and civilians. Mil-Tree was created to welcome our veterans home not only with words by providing various opportunities of engagement with the community at large. Recognizing the loss incurred by leaving the close-knit unit formed in the military, this organization strives to help build new relationships within the community. We include active military, family members and civilians to accomplish this goal, and provide different types of art workshops and projects, including movement, writing, art, music, theater, building and rock climbing. We also provide dialogue circles and retreats to help support the ongoing transition from military service into civilian life. Our programs have a strong track record of positive impact on program participants. Those who participate feeling alone or isolated find a fun, safe and creative environment where collaboration and expression lead easily to new friendships. We have found that arts and dialogue are the best way to bridge different parts of community, building on trust and the things we have in common. Often our programs lead to personal transformation and growth, and the synergy created between our participants is recognizable and profound.