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Mil-Tree is a 501(c)3, Nonprofit Organization, California Charitable Trust, No. CCT0247216. We’re small, but with a big mission: To bring veterans, active duty, and civilians together through arts and dialogue to help transform the wounds of war. ​Through generous monetary and in-kind donations from our high desert community, California Arts Council Veteran Initiative in the Arts grants, and VONS grants, we have been able to establish artistic and transformative programming that makes a difference.

All donations we receive go to offset the many expenses our various programs and outreach efforts incur. Our continued success depends on generous financial support from individuals, businesses, foundations and public agencies. You can access our current and past financial information below.


IRS 501(c)(3) Ruling available upon request.


2022 Financial Statement

2022 Mil-Tree Form 990


2021 Financial Statement

2021 Mil-Tree Form 990


2020 Financial Statement

2020 Mil-Tree Form 990


2019 Financial Statement

2019 Mil-Tree Form 990


2018 Financial Statement

2018 Mil-Tree Form 990


2017 Financial Statement

2017 Mil-Tree Form 990


2016 Mil-Tree Form 990


2015 Mil-Tree Form 990

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