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The Plant to Paper Project/Video

Mil-Tree Joined San Bernardino's Art Connection as a major partner in a California Arts Council sponsored Veterans Initiative in the Arts Grant called "Joining Forces: Plant to Paper Project". This multi-layered project involved veterans, active military along with civilian community members. The Mojave Desert Land Trust, a project partner, facilitated the clearing of land of invasive mustard seed plants which were later used in a series of art workshops at Copper Mountain College, another project partner, to make paper and pulp used for silk screening and art casting. There were ancillary events in the community around this project including: Poetry and prose workshops, which created chapbook anthologies utilizing the handmade paper, and a culminating art exhibit/ poetry and prose reading held at the 29 Palms Art Gallery in 29 Palms. This month-long gallery exhibition also featured a short film by Kate McCabe that documented the progression of the project.

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