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Bringing Veterans, Active Duty and Civilians together through arts
and dialogue to help transform the wounds of war.

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Mil-Tree’s mission is to bring veterans, active duty and civilians together through arts and dialogue to help transform the wounds of war.   Our Vision is to provide safe space for veterans returning to civilian life so that they may gather, express themselves and tell their stories in a non-judgmental environment. We do this through ongoing creative programs that engage veterans and their families, active military and the greater community.








"Mil-Tree has created a platform for veterans in which I can participate, volunteer, or lead life changing workshops. They have found a way to tap into the core of what our veterans need, to be heard and to again feel productive. Through art and open nonjudgmental communications, Mil-Tree's constant  support to me has improved my spirits and helped me remember how much of an impact one positive person or group can make in the lives of others."

- Richard Finn, United States Army Veteran

"I was truly fortunate to have had the opportunity to participate in the movement workshop with Mil-Tree. This experience helped me to remember my own personal resilience and created a safe space to explore rebuilding trust in our communities"

- Sonia Johnson, United States Army Veteran

"As a United States Marine and a Disabled Veteran, the transition from active duty into civilian life is a life long journey. Feeling apart of a community and excepted is a challenge and part of the ongoing transition. For me personally Mil-Tree has assisted in this. Through Live from Joshua Tree, ( given the opportunity to tell my story to the community in which I live), to Fire Side Chats. A venue for Veterans to share their experience and strength , to hopefully give hope to struggling Veterans and active duty."

-  Rand Abbott, United State Marine Corps, Disabled Veteran 


Serving the Morongo Basin Communities.

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