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Veteran Stories

"Mil-Tree has created a platform for veterans in which I can participate, volunteer, or lead life changing workshops. They have found a way to tap into the core of what our veterans need, to be heard and to again feel productive. Through art and open nonjudgmental communications, Mil-Tree's constant  support to me has improved my spirits and helped me remember how much of an impact one positive person or group can make in the lives of others."

- Richard Finn, United States Army Veteran      

"I was truly fortunate to have had the opportunity to participate in the movement workshop with Mil-Tree. This experience helped me to remember my own personal resilience and created a safe space to explore rebuilding trust in our communities"


- Sonia Johnson, United States Army Veteran

"We created a safe place. Veterans with civilians right there with us, where it was possible for us to risk writing about the wounds we brought back from war. As we rode on the blessings from our rituals to beauty and grief, I tore off 95 pounds of armor I no longer needed. At long last I finally accepted the gift of welcome home."

- Dr. Scott Pengelly lieutenant in the USS Navy, navigator of the USS Rushmore, in two tours in the Middle East: 1964 - 1970